Anonymous: Yo. Mainly I just want to say your work has been an inspiration for a few years now, on and off always finding myself coming back to admire. But here's a question . . . obviously terminology and splitting hairs is bullshit, but did you ever see yourself going the 'Picasso' route - strict gallery artist? Maybe it's a kinds fake and snobbish position these days, but there is that weird aura about artists like that who never did much illustration and always expressed their singular view instead.

I basically am a “strictly gallery artist”. Pretty much all my money comes from selling original art through fine art galleries.

I have done exactly 2 commissions in my life: one picture for Newsweek when they did an article on Thomas Pynchon and one page for China Mieville’s “Dial E For Evil” for the final issue where they had a different artist on every page—basically as a favor for China because he’s a friend and a fan.

I am not, in principle, opposed to doing commissions—and I like the idea of books or other projects where normal working people can afford the final product—but it’s hard to find people who want something interesting done.

(close up)

(close up)

jwill213jwill213: I really enjoy your work and had a question about works like Skin Diamond, Mandy Morbid, on our couch. Do you start with a photographic reference or are your pieces freehand?

They are all done “freehand” in the sense that I do not trace or use projectors or anything. However: sometimes I look at photos I took when I draw and sometimes I look at what’s in front of me in real life. Whatever’s convenient.

And if it’s a like a turtle with planets for eyes then, obviously, I made that up.

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I’ll be in a show with Raymond Pettibon, Marcel Dzama and Nobuyoshi Araki and others opening June 28th 5-7, Richard Heller Gallery, LA. See you there.

Anonymous: would you make a painting for someone? for sale.

If it was an interesting job.

Also note: I have received many offers. So far, none have ever been interesting.

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