Anonymous: I realize this is stupid and somewhat anal, but I keep wondering ever since reading your "It's Called Paint and It Comes In Little Tubes" post: Do you start with a pencil sketch or with an ink pen right away?


hello from Little Tokyo

hello from Little Tokyo

Anonymous: Zak Smith at what age did you start drawing and art

What age did you stop?

It’s not every day you get to sit next to Molly Ringwald.

"…Bovary says, on behalf of America and literature: “We despise you, we despise what is unique to you, we despise your life and ambitions, we despise your humanity, we despise humanity period, we despise joy, we despise education and thought, there are layers to our hate, your humiliation will be complex. We gore you with the gilded scrollwork on this nineteenth-century chair leg as if it were the very horn of the rhinoceros of our hate. Read this awful book and fuck off.”

To read the rest of this thing I wrote, pick up the new issue of Tin House

artzune: What's the best advice you can give to a guy from Suitland High School who's about to go to The Cooper Union?

1. Use all of New York City, not just the school.

2. Bring only one fork, one sharp knife, one spoon, one bowl, 1 cup, 1 plate and no other dishes. This will reduce conflict with your roommates considerably.

I Want More Life, Fucker. 30x40” Acrylic paint on Paper

I Want More Life, Fucker. 30x40” Acrylic paint on Paper

Anonymous: hey, Zak, could you recommend some books on art and writing.

Susan Sontag—Against Interpretation

Martin Amis—The War Against Cliche

Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art

SMLXL by Rem Koolhaas

Collected Non Fictions — Jorge Luis Borges

Lipstick Traces—Greil MArcus

Eiji Tsubaraya—Master of Monsters

Consider The Lobster—David Foster Wallace

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